German Life The Third Man—Walking in the Steps of a Film Classic
April/May 2018
What is it about this nearly forgotten film that has fans and tourists roaming the streets and sewers of Vienna?

Land of Wine and Wall
Vintners in the former GDR regions of Saxony and Saale-Unstrut up the ante with quality wines and wine tourism.

M2woman Magazine The Price of Life
Nov/Dec 2013
“The trafficking of Nigerian women to Europe is PART OF GLOBALISATION – the movement around the world of money, products and people”

The King's Tribune Making The Megacity A Home
“This isn’t a place human beings should be living,” Dr. Kuye Obufemi says without hesitating. “Oworo’s a time bomb.”

The Philadelphia Enquirer Touring Stieg Larsson's Stockholm
On a dark, soundless side street in the bohemian Sodermalm section of Stockholm, our Stieg Larsson tour group members began arriving.

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KoreAm Journal Slowing Down in Samjicheon
If you spend a week in Seoul, it's easy to see why the national branding slogan "Dynamic Korea" has replaced the "Land of Morning Calm."

Bike Boom
Frustrated with traffic and gas prices, more seoulits are making bicycles their transportation of choice.

A Greener Seoul
There's a park boom in South Korea's capital that may just transform the asphalt jungle into a pedestrian and eco-friendly space.

A School Of Their Own
Lee Dong Hyun founded a school for the homeless in Seoul, but its mission may surprise you

Shall We Dance?
Korean American students of the Susie Kim Dancesports studio in L.A. strut their stuff at this year’s Summer Ball

Where The Poor Call Home
During a trip to the seemingly affluent and modern Seoul, this writer visits the subway stations, closet-like rooms and vinyl houses where the city's poor live and sleep

Road Scholars  
The intrepid world of those driven to teach

In Search Of Spirits
Delving into the life of Korean shamans

Green and Yellow Acres
Soo and Howard Yu's life on the farm

Poverty Doctor
Even though it's early Thursday, Dr. Emily Dow moves quickly down the long narrow hallway of Clinic B at UCI Family Health Center--Santa Ana.

Wines & Vines Magazine Central California Wineries
Some people told Jim and Debbie Van Haun they were making a mistake picking East Fresno County. But in 1999, the Van Hauns left Southern California and settled in Central California, where they ultimately opened a winery bed & breakfast making premium wine.

Oil & Gas Journal Holmes Point-of-View
Two large, flapping signs outside Holmes Western Oil Corp's Taft, California office proclaim: NOW HIRING.

General Aviation News Wildcatter!
How a Malibu saves the day for an entrepreneur.

Filipinas Sabrina Story 
On a cool spring evening in Westwood, Sabrina finished up studying later than usual at Powell Library. At 1:30 a.m. the UCLA junior reached the dorm where she was temporarily sleeping on a fellow student's couch.

Seamen's Salve · photos
As a maritime chaplain, Fr. Henry Hernando provides emotional and spiritual support to seafarers who are far from home.

The Tidings St. Margaret Mary Church's food pantry builds community
Story by Bill Stephens

Pilgrimages receive boost from Jubilee, says travel planner
While Catholic pilgrims poured into Rome to celebrate the "Jubilee Year 2000," the world watched on television. The event proved to be a turning point.

Bringing light to the 'House of Sorrows'
Inside L.A. Men's Central Jail I follow Sister Patricia Geoghegan down a windowless hallway past a "No talking!" sign. Handcuffed high-security inmates led by a Sheriff's deputy shuffle past. We pass a group of general inmates.

From Temple and Grand to where the underserved live
Story by Bill Stephens

Tour 'in the footsteps of Bach' enriches L.A. Cathedral Choir
by Bill Stephens

St. Peter's: A tradition that thrives
by Bill Stephens



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